2 Pounder PomPom:  Next Stage

The World War II vintage Mark VIII 2 pounder pompom that the CCFT successfully rescued in 2010.

The 2 pounder pompom was formerly part of the armament of the Flower Class Corvette HMCS Halifax (see red circle and arrow on picture). 

Although Flower Class Corvettes carried a variety of anti-aircraft weapons (with a bewildering variety of types and locations on various ships), the 2 pdr pompom was the heavy AA gun that was carried by virtually all Flowers.

We hope to use this gun for MTB 486 in her eventual restoration.  The 2 pdr pompom was the initial main armament of these MTBs when they were first formed into the 29th (Canadian) MTB Flotilla.

2pdr pp images from Shipcraft:  Flower Class Corvettes, by John Lambert and Les Brown

The gun in its temporary location beside RC Legion Br No. 24's APC.  Retired CPO2 Sam Emmons, RCN, of the Legion and our mover, Rob, stand proudly in front of this important Canadian Naval artefact. 

They gun after it's first coat of Naval grey paint after 25 years.

Unfortunately the Navy could not restore the gun for us, so the CCFT is now planning to move it to Toronto to long-term temporary storage until it can be mounted on MTB 486.

To be installed aboard MTB 486, a Mark XVI mounting (see right) will have to be found or reproduced.  The original Mark VIII mounting will then be found a good home.

The Mark XVI mounting was based on the 20 mm Oerlikon Mark V mounting.  Finding and adapting one of these is another option.  

This picture shows one of the four "bofins" mounted on HMCS Haida - a 40mm Bofors gun mounted in a 20mm Mark V mounting.  Haida's mountings originally had twin 20mm Oerlikons during WWII, but they were exchanged for Bofors during her refit for the Korean War.

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